Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is heart shaped country which lies in the center of southeast Europe. In this land western and eastern civilizations clash together and due to their long and fascinating history they enrich each other. Bosnia and Herzegovina is most intriguing because of this merged civilization between East and West, arised from rich history of Ottoman and Austro-Hungary. Tourist are delighted with country’s unusual human warmth, breathtaking landscapes and stunning medieval castles. Neum is only beach resort, but there are numerous waterfalls, rafting rivers, skiing resorts and many other beautiful places for tourist to visit. Historic center of all Europe is located in cities of Sarajevo and Mostar, with their impresive Turkish-era stone arhitecture, tempting street-terrace cafes and beautiful arts scenes. There’s much more to see in this mountainous country, while being one of best-valued Europe destination.

ELSA Bosnia and Herzegovina has received observer status in October 2009 on ICM in Budva, Montenegro. It obtained full status very soon, in October 2010 it has been voted by decision of the ICM in Alanya,Turkey.

At this moment, we have four local groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina: ELSA Sarajevo, ElSA Mostar, ELSA Tuzla and ELSA Zenica.

Main goal of ELSA in BiH is to integrate students and graduates who are interested in their individual and proffesional growth, and help and contribute to legal education, through different non-formal education, introduction to comparative European justice and social systems, growing of mutual understanding between students of law faculties all around Bosnia and Herzegovina and to encourage social responsibility of law students and young attorneys. With its quality and professional work, ELSA BiH provided its members a chance of partitipation in many seminars and summer schools, various international internships in firms, visits to legal instituations and moot court simulations and international competitions. ELSA BiH connected law students from two entities in country and assembled cooperation associated to legal issues.