A small country located in Baltic States, which with its beautiful nature and art nouveau architecture will leave you breathless. From sandy beaches, forests and fields to beautiful and modern cities – we’ve got it all! A place where all four seasons can be witnessed in their full glory, and much more!

Regarding ELSA, Latvia only has one National Group – ELSA Latvia, which consists of 8 board members and other ELSA members which, due to their interest in ELSA activity, take part in ELSA organised activities, as well as provide with help and assistance if needed. In Latvia ELSA is widely known for its remarkable moot courts, which have become one of the most known to be organised, as well as for seminars, conferences, and for providing opportunities for students to meet their possible future employers or simply role models, in events such as lawyers@work. ELSA Latvia is to be considered a place where young lawyers-to-be grow, and is a community which is known by anyone who has ever been associated with law.