Explore Slovakia – a little-discovered destination in the heart of Europe!
You are warmly welcome to see its cultural and natural heritage, amazing gothic churches, medieval towns, majestic mountains, unique beauty of nature and looming castles along the rural landscapes. Moreover, you are invited to discover the specific culture reflecting folk traditions and taste the great local cuisine and excellent Slovak beer or quality Slovak wines.

The centre of Europe
If you hear somebody say that Slovakia is the heart and centre of Europe, it’s not a joke. In a beautiful spot at Kremnické Bane in Central Slovakia, next to the ancient Church of St. John the Baptist, you can find a stone marking the geographical centre of Europe.

A castle superpower
It’s doubtful you’d find another country that has as many castles as Slovakia. The first written mention of Slovakia’s oldest castle Devín dates back to the year 868. Spiš Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the ten largest castles in the world. Altogether, Slovakia has as many as 220 castles and castle ruins! Not enough? Then add its 425 chateaus to the mix.

The first folk architecture reservation in the world
Travel back in time and see what life in the Slovak countryside looked like in past centuries. The picturesque wooden village of Čičmany at the foothills of the Strážov Hills is actually the first-ever folk architecture reservation in the world!

More than 1,600 mineral springs
No other country has, compared to its size, as many mineral springs as Slovakia. There are 1,657 officially-registered springs, but there probably are many more yet to be discovered. The largest number of springs in Slovakia can be found in Bešeňová, with 33 springs that reach temperatures of up to 61 °C. The water from the hot springs in Podhájska has even more beneficial effects than the world famous Dead Sea water – its composition is truly a world rarity!

ELSA Slovak Republic
ELSA has been active in the Slovak Republic since 1991. Our Local Groups are present in all regions: ELSA Bratislava and ELSA Trnava on the West, ELSA Banská Bystrica in the Central Slovakia and ELSA Košice on the East. It is up to you to choose your favourite one or combine more of them!

Besides study visits, you are also invited to attend our NCMs or the European Business Law SELS. If you understand Slovak or Czech, you can also participate in the Roman Law Moot Court Competition or the Summer School of Public International Law.

We look forward to welcome you in Slovakia soon!