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ELSA Linköping is an association for students who study commercial and business law and we always try to offer our members exciting events and experiences. Regardless if you want to enjoy the beautiful city, the fantastic nature or if you just want to experience the nightlife or student lifestyle, Linköping has it all. The city is famous for its aviation industry and has a very impressive air force museum that is worth a visit. Gamla Linköping, which is the old part of the town, is very cozy with its narrow streets and small red wooden houses. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Cloetta, a famous chocolate factory located 15 kilometers outside town. Would you like to see more of Östergötland or Sweden during your stay? Don’t worry! Linköping has many transportation opportunities that makes it is easy to travel fast between different cities by train. We in ELSA Linköping give you a warm welcome to our town and hope to see you soon!
City, Country
Linköping, Sweden
Accommodation Options
Hotel in the city or near the university, Linköping.
Methods of getting from the airport(s)/train-station to the City Centre/Hotel
The easiest way to get from the airport to Linköping is by train. When in Linköping, you can take the bus or walk, depending on the distance.
Ideal length of Visit
4 days.
List of law-firms/firms/Institutions that the groups could visit
Lawfirm Delphi Linköping, The Tax Agency Linköping.
Draft Academic Programme

Different lectures or workshops about specific or several topics.

Contact information