Welcome to Cyprus: Cyprus located at the north-eastern end of the Mediterranean basin, it is the third largest island in the region, with an area of 9,251 square kilometres (3,572 square miles). At the end of 2013 the population was about 946,000 people. On May 01, 2004 the Republic of Cyprus became a full member of the EU completing a long journey that lasted more than three decades. The official languages of the island are Greek and Turkish, whilst English is widely spoken. French, German and Russian are also spoken within the tourism industry. Every year, Cyprus warmly welcomes more than two million visitors from around the world, excitedly sharing a unique culture, hospitality and inspiring landscapes.

ELSA Cyprus: Was established by law students and young lawyers on 2012. However, promoted at full membership on 2015. ELSA Cyprus is non-profit, independent, non-political association. Passionate members trying to complete many different activities to contribute to law education and at the same time, to retain ELSA’s name in the appropriate place contributing to a just world with respect for Human Rights.

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