The land of thousand islands, mountains, plains and hundreds of breathtaking attractions. Croatia is a Mediterranean middle European country, bordered by the Adriatic sea along its entire coastline. Encompassing the area of the Pannonian lowlands, through the narrow area of the Dinara mountain, as far as the Adriatic sea, as unusual horseshoe shape has been created – different and unique.A land with population just over 4 million in 56691 square kilometers boasts astonishing natural and cultural heritage. There are over 1200 islands and sea rocks, 8 sites have been declared National parks and there are 11 Nature parks as well. There are 7 monuments that are part of UNESCO World Heritage List in Croatia.

Croatia is a blend of a thousand year old historical and cultural heritage, unreal natural beauty, top gastronomy, different lifestyles, dialects and mentalities.

ELSA Croatia was founded in 1992 by the current Prime Minister of Republic of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, who became ELSA Croatia’s patron in 2017. ELSA Croatia has 4 local groups: ELSA Osijek, ELSA Rijeka, ELSA Split and ELSA Zagreb with over 800 students contributing to the association on a daily basis. Since the founding of ELSA International, six people from ELSA Croatia have been a part of the International Board. Throughout it’s history, ELSA Croatia has proven itself in an effort to educate, inform, motivate and improve the status of law students and young lawyers.