The land of the midnight sun, Moomins, thousands of lakes and Santa Claus…. Finland has a lot to offer for a traveller.

Finland has during its 100 years of independence become known for free education, beautiful nature and for having a word for drinking home in your underwear (kalsarikännit). During summer the sun sets down barely for a few hours, whereas in winter it is as dark as our national drink Salmari is.

ELSA Finland has been established in 1983 and has been very active in ELSA from the beginning, as several officers have worked in the International Board as well. We have four local groups; the most northern one is Rovaniemi, where you can see reindeer or experience the Northern Lights. In Eastern Finland there is ELSA Joensuu, that is a lively student city surrounded by lakes. ELSA Turku is on the southwest coast and notorious for being the oldest city in Finland and for everyone commuting by bicycle. In the capital there is ELSA Helsinki, where you can see the UNESCO World Heritage site Suomenlinna or the iconic Helsinki Cathedral just to name a couple.

We welcome you and hope that you will enjoy your visit to one of our local groups!