Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia, it lays at the eastern end of the Black Sea. The first human civilization outside of Africa has been discovered in Georgia. The capital and the largest city is Tbilisi. Official language is Georgian. Georgian currency is „Georgian Lari“ (GEL). The climate of Georgia is extremely diverse, with climatic zones ranging from subtropical and high alpine to semi-desert.

Georgia is known for its wine – winemaking has been practiced in Georgia for over 8 000 years. Beside the winemaking, Georgia has one rare sort of cheese, which is added to UNESCO’s Intangible heritage. Also, Georgia is known, for its unique alphabet one of 14 independent alphabets in the world and for three cultural monuments which are included into UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The history of ELSA Georgia begins in 2008, when it got the Observer status and after only 1 year, in 2009, ELSA Georgia became the full member of the Network. ELSA Georgia has 3 Local Groups: ELSA Tbilisi, ELSA Kutaisi and ELSA Batumi.

Beside the activities on the National and Local levels, ELSA Georgia has hosted 2 big international meetings: ICM Batumi – two times and IPM Tbilisi – also, twice. ELSA Georgia has also organized its’ first Summer ELSA Law School in 2016 and is going to organize another one in 2017. Also, one of the former Presidents of ELSA Georgia was elected in International Board as VP STEP, in 2011.

ELSA Georgia has more than 200 members – students of law faculties from different Universities of Georgia and young Lawyers.