Interested in visiting one of the world’s most beautiful countries? Norway is a vast adventure land packed with endless opportunities for adventures, with its dramatic nature. It impresses with spectacular celestial light shows (the northern lights), the midnight sun, an abundance of fjords, mountains, waterfalls, forests and lakes. Some of our fjords, like Geiranger and Flåm, are even UNESCO-protected! During the winter you will experience snow and skiing, whilst in summer you can do endless of fun activities like biking, hiking, rafting, surfing whilst sunbathing in the Norwegian summer heat.

Norway’s faculties of law are located in three of the largest cities in the country; Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø. Each city has its own ELSA group, with enthusiastic and welcoming local officers!

Whichever city you choose to visit, you will have a first hand experience of scandinavian city life amidst nature and a chance to experience great student (night)life!

Welcome to Norway!