Welcome to Portugal, country further west of Europe this heavenly place has the best beaches in the continente and 800 years of romantic stories to tell. From the slopes of Douro to the beaches of Algarve you can enjoy the friendliest people in the world, with good wine, food and Fado.

With the growing capital of Lisbon, you can experience the cosmopolitan vibe of a city that pulsates with the pass of a million tourists every year. It’s great here, don’t believe us? Ask Madonna or Monica Bellucci or even Cantona!! Portugal is such a great place that ELSA Portugal has ten (10) local groups, four in Lisbon, one in Coimbra, another four in OPorto and one in Braga. In Portugal you can have good food, great wine and expand your legal knowledge. Enjoy the second oldest university in Europe and capital of Human rights studies.