ELSA SERBIA is non-political, independent, non- profit law students and young lawyers association, gathered for development and constitution of international understanding cooperation and personal contacts of students of law and young layers from different countries and legal systems, as well as their preparation for professional life in international environment.

ELSA Yugoslavia was formed with goal to integrate students of law from Yugoslavia to ELSA family, after dissolving of Yugoslavia , ELSA Yugoslavia had stopped working and ELSA Serbia was formed with a goal to continue ELSA’s mission on its territory. Main goal of ELSA Serbia is to coordinate cooperation between local groups and manage correspondence on international level. As local groups it functions via five sectors. Vice Presidents are also obligated to transfer trends and projects from international to local level.

Today ELSA Serbia has 4 local groups: ELSA Belgrade, ELSA Niš, ELSA Novi Sad and ELSA Business Academy Novi Sad.