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Frankfurt is one of the biggest cities in Germany and the city with the most Skyscrapers. From this, its location next to the river Main and its role as a financial centre it got the nickname “Mainhatten”.  It is really good connected to the rest of Germany by tracks, the airport and the “Autobahn” ,the German highway and can be reached either by train, airplane or bus. On the other hand, Frankfurt is a really green city with more than 200.000 trees and over 50% of the city as green area. And if that is not enough you just have to take a train out of the city and in half an hour you are out in the nature. There are also a lot of cultural opportunities that can be visited. For example, there is the “Alte Oper”, the old opera building where you can attend many concerts, but also a new opera if you like this. But Frankfurt also has quite a lot of museums on everything you could wish for. So, one can say that Frankfurt has a lot to offer to anyone and can fulfil nearly every wish.
City, Country
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Accommodation Options
The MEININGER Hotel Frankfurt/Main Messe is located at the Messe(fair) in Frankfurt. It normally is the cheapest option, especially for groups. (It can be found here https://www.meininger-hotels.com/en/groups/group-booking-tool/) The “A&O Hostels Galluswarte” is located at the train station Galluswarte close to the city and main station and is also a good option to sleep.
Methods of getting from the airport(s)/train-station to the City Centre/Hotel
Getting to the city is fairly easy. The cheapest and most of the time fastest option would be by S-Bahn(The local speed trains) S8 and S9 in around 15 minutes or the regional trains. Another option would be the ICE, although this one is more expensive. The MEININGER Hotel Frankfurt/Main Messe and can be reached in five minutes by the Train Station(Messe/fair) or in around 15 minutes by foot from Frankfurt/main station. The “A&O Hostels Galluswarte” can be reached best by the S-Bahn from the main station in under 5 minutes. To the centre there is a good network of either the Subway or the S-Bahn and even walking is not out of question as there are a lot of short distances and can be really nice to get to know the city this way.
Maximum number of participants that can be hosted
Around 20
Ideal length of Visit
Depending on what you want to do 3 to 7 days are a good option.
List of law-firms/firms/Institutions that the groups could visit
Frankfurt has many big law firms and banks but also quite some smaller ones; A lot of them partners of ELSA Germany or ELSA Frankfurt. Examples for this are law firms like Baker McKenzie, Bird&Bird, Greenfort, Hogan Lovells, PWC, Rittershaus, Simmons and Simmons, Weil and a lot more. Banks like the Commerzbank(which has the tallest building and sometimes offers tours to the top to law students), the German Federal Bank or the European Central Bank. But also, other options like the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority(EIOPA) and the German Stock Exchange can be really interesting.
Draft Academic Programme

Most interesting are visits to the various law firms, banks and institutions and lectures and workshops with them. Just ask the board of ELSA Frankfurt and they will happily help you with it.

Other information
In general, there are not many bad options, but if you want to do something with the local group you should miss out on our exam-periods in February and July. Otherwise Frankfurt can be really nice in the Summer, but also in the Winter. But just ask the local board.
Contact information
vpsc@elsa-frankfurt.org or president@elsa-frankfurt.org