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Kiel is located in the very north of Germany. It is positioned by the sea side (Baltic Sea) and its status as capital of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein, the famous annual sailing and public festival event Kieler Woche and multiple medium sized firms and its big university makes Kiel a melting pot of tourism, sport events, industry, regional politics and education. Kiel is definitely worth a visit. Kiel offers a seaside/ harbour city feeling with stunning views and beautiful beaches in a short distance to the city. Kiel is also visited by two to four cruise ships and its tourists in the summer months everyday. As a city with about 250.000 inhabitants (30 000 of it are students), Kiel is also a very young city which offers all oppurtunities a big city usually does but it has also the charm of a small city. The Local Group of ELSA Kiel exists since nearly 30 years. In the last three years it has become very active, organizes many events and could rise the number of its members from 30 to 250 in three years. Kiel is also known as very funny and openminded in the national ELSA network.
City, Country
Kiel, Germany
Accommodation Options
In case of a visit the local board of ELSA Kiel would organize an accommodation in a gym, hosts, or maybe in a student’s hostel. An accommodation in a hostel, youth hostel or hotel.
Methods of getting from the airport(s)/train-station to the City Centre/Hotel
The nearest international airport is located in Hamburg, a big city in the south of Kiel. It is around 100 km away. From the airport you can travel to Kiel by train or by bus. Kiel has a regional train station only. It is located in the city centre. From the train station in Kiel you can use busses to get to the university or accommodation.
Ideal length of Visit
3-5 days.
List of law-firms/firms/Institutions that the groups could visit
In Kiel, there are a few law firms and institution the local board has worked together with, which could be visited during a stay. They are: • Brock Müller Ziegenbein (BMZ) – a regional medium sized law firm in Kiel (about 150 employees at all locations) • Lauprecht - a local law firm in Kiel (about 50 employees) • Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) an international Business advising firm • IBSH – Banc, owned by state • HSH – Banc, owned by state • Haus und Grund – local association who gives advice to owners and renters of real estate
Draft Academic Programme

During a visit we would visit your partners with you as well as some institutions and we would organise a lecture or something for you.

Contact information
info@elsa-kiel.de; praesident@elsa-kiel.de; vize@elsa-kiel.de