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The ELSA local group in Toruń was established in 1997 at the Faculty of Law and Administration on the Nicolaus Copernicus University. We unite students of law, administration and tax advisory. ELSA Toruń has above 35 members and more than 100 alumni. Throughout many years of existence we have managed to organise a lot of local, national and international events. But what are we the most proud of? Of course the people, thanks to them we are able to do what we are doing. Four things to say about the Elsanians from Toruń: ambitious, creative, hardworking and loving sweets - especially gingerbreads (our city is the home of the ginger sweets and we would be happy to take you to try them).

Toruń is located in Northern Poland, by the Vistula River. The population of the city is above 203,000. One of the oldest cities in Poland, have been established in 1233 by the Teutonic Knights. Throughout different periods of time Toruń was a part of Poland, Prussia and Germany. The city is the most Gothic urban complex in Poland, one of the most important and crowded tourist center, rich in numerous of original and best preserved historical monuments. Toruń is also the birthplace of the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. In 1997 the medieval part of the city (whole complex of Toruń Old Quarter) was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

City, Country
Toruń, Poland
Accommodation Options

Best option - hostels in the city center (e.g. Green, Angel or Orange), if smaller group we can try to organise accomodation in dormitories of the Nicolaus Copernicus University

Methods of getting from the airport(s)/train-station to the City Centre/Hotel

It is possible to get to Toruń by train or bus. The main train station in Toruń was recently modernized from where there is the direct connection by bus to the city center. You can also arrive to Toruń by bus and the main bus station is 500 m from the Old Town/city center. The nearest airports are in Bydgoszcz (50 km), Poznan (165 km), Warsaw (230 km), Gdansk (170 km), Łódź (180 km), where you can take train or bus to Toruń.

Ideal length of Visit
3-4 days, including weekends
List of law-firms/firms/Institutions that the groups could visit
The District Court, Jail, Prosecutors Office, Faculty of Law and Administration of the Nicolaus Copernicus University
Draft Academic Programme

Day 1 –

Lecture at the University (e.g introduction to Polish Law)

Day 2 –

Visit to the court, workshops on various topics e.g. Human Rights

Day 3 –

Visit to jail, lecture or discussion

Contact information
Maximum number of participants that can be hosted
available upon request