Switzerland is a federal semi-direct democracy and is a sovereign state in Europe. As Switzerland is formed of 26 states, it has cultural differences. It also has 4 official language, German, French, Italian and Romansh with as many dialects as states.

Switzerland is composed of mountains, lakes and lowlands. This means a diversity of landscapes and climates in a limited area. This is a great advantage for the population and the tourists as they can choose between many places to visit like historical cities or like the Alps.

Switzerland has a history of armed neutrality and is also involved in peace-building processes around the world. Many international organizations are benefiting of this and have one of their office in Switzerland like in Geneva for the Red Cross, UNO and OMS.

The national food is chocolate. Swiss chocolate consumption per person is 12 kg per year and is among the highest in the world. Switzerland is also known for its cheese as we produce more than 450 varieties of cheese.

In Switzerland, 3 local groups (ELSA Genève, ELSA Neuchâtel and ELSA Zurich) founded ELSA Switzerland in November 1994. Today, ELSA Switzerland is formed of 9 local groups and a 10th one is in construction; ELSA Basel, ELSA Bern, ELSA Fribourg, ELSA Genève, ELSA Lausanne, ELSA Lucerne, ELSA Neuchâtel, ELSA St.-Gallen, ELSA Zurich and ELSA Winterthur. This corresponds of the 9 law faculties of the country.