Czech Republic

Basic information about the Czech Republic
How could be the Czech Republic briefly described and what interesting can this country offer to you?
  • Area of 78 866 km2, more than 10,5 million inhabitants
  • Known also as the Heart of Europe (because of the location)
  • Comfortable reachability for visitors from neighbouring (or even further) countries by all means of transport
  • Fabulous Prague (known also as the Town of Hundred Spires) as the capital as well as economic and cultural centre of the whole country
  • Except of Prague with its all sightseeing highlights, there are many other beautiful towns with marvellous architecture and great atmosphere (at least of course Brno, Olomouc or Pilsen) waiting for your visit
  • Spectacular nature – mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds – with related free time activities (whether during summer or winter time)
  • Tasty Czech traditional cuisine and well-known beer (or other traditional alcoholic drinks – e. g. Becherovka)
Basic information about ELSA Czech Republic
ELSA Czech Republic is as a national group divided into four local groups, which are ELSA Brno, ELSA Olomouc, ELSA Pilsen and ELSA Prague. In recent years, many important international ELSA events were held in our country, e. g. IV. KAM Prague 2014, V. SAM Prague 2015, IPM Brno 2016, II SOM Prague 2016, LXXI ICM Prague 2017. As you can see, members of ELSA Czech Republic are very active and thus would be very happy to welcome you in our country and share with you the true Czech ELSA Spirit!