Poland is a country that offers everything you may need – it has a wide sea coast, a broad area with mountains on the other end, a region with many lakes, big modern cities, industrial areas, post-communist sites, old towns, castles and palaces from all the centuries since medieval ages and sacred objects built since 966. It is home for more than 38 million people who are known for their hospitality but also prowess and bravery.
For law students Poland may be very interesting as it has long history of being the forerunner of democracy – when the overwhelming majority of Europe was governed by monarchies with absolute power, in Poland there was a democracy, where the king was chosen by the ones with citizen rights (as it was XV century – they were noblemen of course); it was Poland that adopted the first Constitution in Europe and second in the whole world after the US (1791) and, most recently, it was in Poland where the fall of the communism began – the Polish round table discussions in April 1989 and first partly free elections in June 1989 amazed the world, proving that such changes may be done peacefully and leading to the fall of Berlin wall in November 1989. Polish legal system has many influences of Russian, German and French law because of the partition of Poland in 1795-1918 and as such hybrid, its basics may be interesting for you to learn.
Poland is a good choice for a study visit not only because of the country. ELSA Poland is one of the founders of ELSA, our national group is very developed and experienced in organising various projects. We have 16 Local Groups and 1 with Observership status. They are spread across entire country, each of them in different city and thanks to that you can choose from everything that Poland offers and what was written above. Lastly, ELSA Poland is the one to choose as we love what we do, we are full of ELSA Spirit and each year we are creating projects that seem impossible to do but they somehow work (5 ELSA Law Schools, International Conference on Comparative Law, Central-Eastern European Round of EHRMCC, partly International Summit on Arbitration and more than 25 national projects a year). After all, Polska is a place where the unbelievable happens…