Welcome to Albania, the Land of Eagles! In this small Mediterranean country, you will find the perfect combination of breathtaking landscapes, history and cultural heritage. From the mountain’s snow to the crystal clear seas, you can enjoy the hospitality of the Albanians and all the hidden treasures that Albania has to offer.

Tirana is the capital city of Albania and it’s the largest economic, social, and cultural centre of the country. Tirana is best described as a city that seemingly never sleeps, full of friendly faces and featuring surprises hidden around every corner. A combination of modern and old architecture, monuments, cultural sites, cafés and a vivid nightlife, Tirana makes for a modern capital. ELSA Albania is a very active group that organizes many activities for students and young lawyers. ELSA Albania aims to inspire them to expand their legal knowledge even further, to develop their skills in practice, and to expand the network of students and young lawyers that interact with each-other.

You are welcome to visit our country!