Welcome to Germany!

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe. With about 82 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populous member state it the European Union. Historically Germany has been called “the country of poets and thinkers”. Known for its rich cultural history, Germany has been continuously the home of influential artists, philosophers, musicians, sportspeople, scientists, engineers and inventors. The national alcoholic drink is beer. German beer consumption per person is declining but at 11 liters annually it is still among the highest in the world.

ELSA was found together by a German law student and law students from Austria, Poland and Hungary. In January 1981 ELSA Germany was founded in the city of Bayreuth as ELSA The Federal Republic of Germany and re-founded in 1989 in Münster as ELSA Germany.

ELSA Germany currently has around 11 500 members and 42 local groups.

Our Local Groups are: ELSA-Augsburg e.V., ELSA-Bayreuth e.V., ELSA-Berlin e.V., ELSA-Bielefeld e.V., ELSA-Bochum e.V., ELSA-Bonn e.V., ELSA-Bremen e.V., ELSA-Dresden e.V., ELSA-Düsseldorf e.V., ELSA-Erlangen- Nürnberg e.V., ELSA-Frankfurt (Oder) e.V., ELSA-Frankfurt am Main e.V., ELSA-Freiburg e.V., ELSA-Gelsenkirchen e.V., ELSA-Giessen e.V, ELSA-Göttingen e.V., ELSA-Greifswald e.V., ELSA-Halle e.V., ELSA-Hamburg e.V., ELSA-Hannover e.V., ELSA-Heidelberg e.V., ELSA-Jena e.V., ELSA-Kiel e.V., ELSA-Köln e.V., ELSA-Konstanz e.V., ELSA-Leipzig e.V., ELSA-Lüneburg e.V., ELSA-Mainz e.V., ELSA-Mannheim e.V., ELSA-Marburg e.V., ELSA-München e.V., ELSA-Münster e.V., ELSA-Osnabrück e.V., ELSA-Passau e.V., ELSA-Pforzheim e.V., ELSA-Potsdam e.V., ELSA-Regensburg e.V., ELSA-Saarbrücken e.V.,ELSA-Trier e.V., ELSA-Tübingen e.V., ELSA-Wismar e.V., ELSA-Würzburg e.V.

The national board gets elected from students of the 42 local groups. The office of ELSA Germany is situated in Heidelberg where the National Board members also live. They pause their studies for a year to work full-time for the German network.

All that is left to say is: come and experience the ELSA Spirit of our many amazing local groups and have a great time visiting the country of poets, thinkers and of course beer!